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We want to help you reach the children in your community who are lost and don't know Jesus.

Here's how! 


An exploration, from a child's point of view, of the various uses of the word "grace", which then leads us to take a look at God's grace, in Jesus.

Greetings in the name of our Risen Savior, Jesus Christ,

I am inviting you to join Lost Children of America Ministries to help bring the message of Gods grace to children in America.  Fewer and fewer children are being exposed to the saving message of Jesus Christ.  Often when the message is attempted, it is a message of law and not grace. We would like to help you bring this message of God’s Grace to the children in your community. 

Our first Children’s book we would like to offer is titled, What is Grace. This book helps children see what God’s true grace in Jesus Christ is and how they can receive it. We would like to provide you with as many copies as you need to give out to children through evangelism events you may be planning for your community.  It might be a picnic in the park, a concert at the community band shell, a Christmas hand out, an Easter bag stuffer or how about that Halloween trunk or treat event.

These books normally cost $3.00 to print but we have been able, because of a generous donor, to print them for much less and we can offer books to you for a donation. (All money goes to the printing of more books.)

1 to 25 $1.75 Suggested Donation each

26 to 50 $1.50 Suggested Donation each

51 to 100 $1.25 Suggested Donation each

101 and up $1.00 Suggested Donation each.

I hope you could find it in your children’s ministry, evangelism, or mission budget room for this great ministry to the lost children of America. I would imagine there is a donor in your congregation that would get behind and get excited about children coming to know Jesus. 


God’s Grace to you through Jesus Christ.


Pastor Nathan Lewis                           Mr. Mike Nordman

Executive Director                              Author

So join us in reaching the children for Jesus. 

Order your books below!

Book Donation Form

After you click submit, you will be directed to the payment page.

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