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Cry Room -

If you need to leave church for any reason with your infant child, we have a cry room in the back of church. You can still watch and listen to the service while taking care of your baby. Feel free to use at anytime!


6 mo - 2 yr Child Care -

Child Care is offered during the second service. You may drop your child off in the classroom where there will be an educational video, or music playing. They can enjoy coloring and playing with toys until the service is over, where you can come and pick up your child.

Baby Playing with Building Blocks

Children's Church -

Lil Saints Sunday School will be offered during the Church Service. Children 3 to 13 will begin with their parents, and dismissed with the teacher during Pastor's Sermon Message. You may pick them up at the end of service. The kids will learn bible stories, sing songs, and have a snack. 


Jr Youth-

Jr Youth is offered for grades 5th through 8th grade. The kids will meet the first Sunday of every month at 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. The kids will have opportunity to learn, play, and grow with each other. There will be dinner served and games played. There is the opportunity for outings as well, whether it be bowling, sporting events. or other activities. Leaders Christine and Paul Cordero will let the families know prior to events what the plan will be. Please reach out to Christine if you would like your child to join.

Kids in Church
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